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Samsung Criticized for Fixing Recalled Washing Machines with Plastic Bag and Tape


Samsung Electronics has come under pressure after they fixed recalled washing machines with plastic bag and tape. However even then the company defended the use of plastic bags and tape to prevent faulty machines from bursting into flames.

Samsung had recalled six top-loader models and since then has been instructing technicians to apply a fire-retardant, industry standard polyethylene bag to the electrical connectors to prevent a water leakage fault that can cause fires and has done so.

Even after the machines were recalled and fixed by Samsung they still caught fire. Liz Herbert of Avoca Beach stated that her machine had been fixed under the recall but even then caught fire. Ms. Herbert who is also a health worker stated that someone could die due to these faulty washing machines and its time that Samsung takes it seriously.

According to a report only 51 percent of the 53,400 affected machines have been replaced or reworked under the recall program. Apart from this there has also been 38 fire incidents related to the faulty machines in NSW since the recall by Samsung.

People have complained about the quality of the re-work done by Samsung. People were outraged and wanted the company to replace the component that caused this trouble rather than fixing it with a plastic bag and tape.

On the other hand although, Fair Trading Assistant Commissioner John Tansey stated that the approved fix was adequate. This he explained was because the problem was only related to moisture build up inside the machine. He also stated that the replacement of the component would have made no difference as well.

Samsung has stated that any customer who believes that the rework on the washing machines is not adequate can contact the company and they will be happy to send a technician to review the rework free of charge.
On the other hand the minster for fair trading stated that keeping in view the numbers of the machines that were involved in accidents he would say that Samsung has done adequate work.

The recall by Samsung affects six models of the company top-loaders between 2010 and 2013. The affected machines are models SW75V9WIP; SW65V9WIP; SW70SPWIP; SW80SPWIP; WA85GWGIP.


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