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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rendered with Ulak Cases

Samsung is all set to reveal its two new flagships devices today i.e. Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. So many leaks about the specifications, shape, colors and other things have been reported already. A recent leak is about the battery size of both Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ hat will be 3,000 mAh batteries.

Now we have another company, ULAK, that already have listed their Galaxy Note 5 cases on Amazon just a day ahead of official launch. And just like iPhone 6 Lumenair cases, Ulak also has Lumenair line for Note 5.

ULAK’s Lumenair line of Galaxy Note 5 cases are clear and light-weight. ULAK call these cases as “message blink dual layer hybrid protective case.”

“Ulak Lumenair cases are about melding together protection with a rather unique light show effect when a call comes through. To achieve that, Ulak has embedded light-diffusing pipes all over the surface of the case (available in 5 colors), which will transport the signal from the LED flash throughout when you get a call,” according to PhoneArena.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Ulak case has a transparent back made up of hard plastic and a luminous soft protective TPU bumper cover. ULAK listed 5 different types of Note 5 renders with its cases for $14.99 each on Amazon although the list price is showing as $29.99.

Five colors of cases are: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver and Red. “To round off the $14.99 package, Ulak has also used special, glow-in-the-dark silicone for the bumper so you can finding your device at night is made easier,” reported PhoneArena.

See all 5 below.






Shipping will be FREE but these cases will be in-stock on September 5 while the estimated delivery date is September 9 – 11.