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Galaxy Note 5: Rumors, Specs, Release Date, Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Some people believe that this new smartphone will be heavily equipped just like any other Galaxy Note device. Here are some of the rumored specs, release date and price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung always try to up their game with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy Note devices. We always see something new in these releases so it is no wonder that we can all expect something big with this latest release.

The Edge display was added in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. After that feature was a success, Samsung added the Edge feature in its latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

So just like the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, we might be seeing the metal and glass body in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We can also expect Samsung doing something new with the stylus. So today we will see what the Galaxy Note 5 might have in store for us.

Galaxy Note 5 Rumors

It was reported by Phone Arena that Samsung is planning to release a new Ultra High Definition screen. This 4K (3180 * 2160) screen will probably be coming with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5.
galaxy note 5 4K display
Samsung might start the production of these UHD screens in August. If the production will start in late 2015 then it is very likely that Samsung will add these screens to the new Galaxy Note 5 devices. Samsung is preparing to make two display.

One of the displays will be 5.78 inches. This is rumored to be of the Edge variant of the device. Then there also might be a regular Note device with a regular display.

Its size is rumored to be 5.89 inches. This would give a pixel density of 762ppi to the Edge device whereas the regular device will have a pixel density of 748ppi.

The phones will be probably released at the IFA which is in September. Although these 4K screens will be added to the Galaxy Note 5 devices but there will still be a problem.

We are always getting diminishing results from higher resolution phone. The users will have a problem in telling the difference between a 4K device and a 2K device.

If that is the case with the new screens then the users will be disappointed and Samsung will have a tough time in selling these devices. And then there is a big concern of battery life.

Even though the screen resolution will increase, the phone screen will start to drain more battery. Samsung devices aren’t known for good battery time as when they used the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, they would really heat up the device and that drained the batteries very quickly.

So in the new device the extra pixels will require extra power to burn. If Samsung decide that they aren’t going to give a removable battery option as they did in Samsung Galaxy S6, then they will have a problem in this new phone.

Phones that require more power, burn a lot of battery charge and the users need to know that they have an alternative and that they can change the battery at any time just like they can do in removable battery phones.

These are some major concerns and some analysts believe that Samsung are not ready to give the users these features and that the resolution might probably be 2560 * 1440. This is the same resolution Samsung used in their Note 4 and Galaxy S6.

Galaxy Note 5 Specs

Samsung stopped using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. They weren’t working out for Samsung as their processors were fast but they heated up the devices. Samsung used the Exynos SoC processor in the Galaxy S6.Samsung Exynos M1

This new processor has come up to be very power efficient and at the same time it has been really fast. So now things are really going bad for Qualcomm as they might not get to build processors for other Samsung device.


Samsung has probably invested a lot of money to get the Galaxy S6 processors right. Now that their processors are fast and power efficient, Samsung will probably use their processors in the next Galaxy Note 5 device.

It is also rumored that the device will also come equipped with 3GB of RAM whereas some rumors suggest that the phone will have 4GB of RAM. The phone will also have an internal storage of 32GB as Samsung will probably lose the memory card slot in the Galaxy Note device.

This design in being made for a bigger battery. Samsung is also starting mass manufacturing EPoP. JeehoBaek who is the Senior VP of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics said that when Samsung will offer new high density ePoP memory for their flagship smartphones, then they will offer their customers with significant design benefits.

This will also help the user while enabling faster and longer operations of multi-tasking features. Jeeho also said that Samsung is looking to enhance in performance and density over the next few years so that they could add the growth of premium mobile market.

Note5US.com claim that the new Galaxy Note 5 device will come with front facing speakers. This feature is found in the HTC One devices and it could be coming to the Galaxy Note 5 device.

They also think that Samsung will add an aluminum chassis to their device. The new device is also rumored to have one 27MP camera. This camera is called a ULL sensitivity rotatory camera.

So the users will need to rotate the camera to get selfies. A new charging technology might be added to the device so that it could charge your phone completely in 5 to 10 minutes.

Note 5 Release Date

We can all say that Samsung has a habit of releasing their devices at specific events year in year out. The Samsung Galaxy Note has always been released at the IFA event.

This time it will be in September and we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung do release the new Galaxy Note 5 at the event. The IFA event will take place from the 4th to the 9th September.

So we can expect the release in between these days or at the press day. The press day takes place before the event starts which could be on the 2nd or 3rdSeptember.

Last year at the IFA the Galaxy Note 4 was released and it had a fast processor and a higher resolution than the Galaxy S5.

This year analysts are saying that things will be totally different as the Galaxy Note 5 might have the features which could be similar to that of the Galaxy S6. Even the design might be the same as of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung worked on the design of the Galaxy S6 for quite some time and it wouldn’t be surprising if they decide to go with the metal body with a glass back on the device.

And this could also mean that the Galaxy Note class will lose the changeable battery and the soft touch plastic rear.

Samsung have another option of the design and that is the Galaxy Note 5 might be built exactly like the Note 4 with a removable plastic rear and a metal body.

Galaxy Note 5 Price

Price has always been the one thing that has always been hard to guess. The main reason for that is no one knows what the device is made up of. Whether it is made of plastic or metal or if it will have a rear back made of glass.

The Note 4 cost was £600 and the price did not change for the Samsung Galaxy S6. So this time around if the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a metal body and has a glass at the back of the phone then the users could end up paying more for the device.

And if the size of the stylus is increased for the Galaxy Note 5, then users could end up paying as much as £650. Some analysts believe that the Note 5 Edge variant might not be released because the stylus would be hard to use on the extended display.

If that is the case then the users will probably have to pay an extra £160 which will bring up the price of the phone to around £800.

If Samsung only makes a single Note 5 device then it will be really expensive. But if they decide to go with a cheaper body then they might be able to keep the price down.

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