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Samsung Wants to Tell You a Story Via a VR Movie Studio


There Is no stopping Samsung when VR is concerned. The Korean giant knows that the virtual reality is the next major revolution in the technological world and it wants to be a step ahead of others. It has recently released the gear VR for the galaxy s6 family and the note 5 with a reduced price tag of $99 so that everyone can experience the world of virtual reality. Now it has announced that it will be opening a VR movie studio.

Yes, you heard that right. Samsung is getting into movie business and is opening a production studio, to be precise, a VR movie studio that will be strive to create virtual reality content for its VR family. Although Samsung hasn’t announced what is going to create with this VR movie studio, my guess is that the resources will be used to create short videos and shows preliminarily.top1

Samsung has typically relied on oculus and other partners to create the VR content and the eco system. It felt that the virtual reality technology is not moving ahead at a pace that it imagined or in a way that it intended, so for this purpose, it has announced the opening of this VR movie studio in the city of New York.

This VR movie studio will be housed in an existing Samsung office and separate premises is not on the cards yet. This was announced in the Sundance Film Festival. Samsung believes that the 2017 Sundance film festival will be VR centric and hopefully it will have much more VR content to show to the audience.

“Our mission at Story Studio is to ‘Inspire and Educate,’ and a core part of that is to share our projects as we go along. We’re releasing this project so that you can learn from our work and be inspired to tell your own stories. VR storytelling is a lot of work, but it’s not impossible, and our goal is to demystify the process. Have at it,” reads a blog from Samsung.