With dwindling fortunes in the smartphone segment, Samsung is looking towards other frontiers to revive its slumbering growth. It sold millions of android phone over the past years. but with almost all its major markets reaching a saturation point, people are sticking to their existing smartphones and resisting the purchase of new one due to the lack of addition of new and cutting edge features in the newer phones.

But Samsung Is hell bent on reviving its fortunes and for the exact purpose, it is focusing most of its resources on mobile software. Yes, Samsung was known as a hardware manufacturer but don’t be surprised if it starts making numerous crazy mobile applications for mobiles and tablets.

it has recently announced that most of its apps will come to the iOS eco system such as the Galaxy Remote and S-Health. It is not yet clear how it plans to generate revenue from these apps.  Not only that, Samsung pay and Samsung Knox will get a major boost. efforts will be made to bring as many users as possible on-board.Sony_Project_Morpheus_35873300-2914-015

The next area where this tech company hopes to revive its fortunes is the display market. The edge series of its phones have received rave reviews for its unique falling display. samsung has planned to bring more of such crazy displays to the smartphones as well as television. Some of them include transparent, mirror, and head-mounted OLED displays.

It also has plans to release phones with foldable display. Such device can act as a phone as well as tablet when unfolded.

Stay tuned for more info.