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Samsung Tinkers Adblocking Capabilities into Its Browser


Samsung is going ahead with its plan to block all kinds of ads in its default internet browser on the galaxy phones. But Samsung isn’t the first smartphone developer to do this, apple has introduced ad blocking in safari browser in the latest iOS 9 builds. What this technically means is that the handset manufacturers want to expose its user to less and less of the annoying ads all the while increasing the load times of a webpages. This significantly speeds up the browser and improves the user experience.

Samsung is following a unique method to support the ad-blocking. It is opening its API. This allows the Adblock fast, developed by rocketship, to operating in the default browser on galaxy handsets and cleanse the webpages. This update is scheduled to hit the handsets soon and is already available in some regions. You will need the marshmallow to run the Adblocking browser and the support for lollipop will roll out very soon.

There is big uproar in the tech world. But why?

Most of the internet subscriptions have died. Ad revenue has taken its place. The free content that you find on the internet isn’t actually free. The website hosts have to pay for the content creator and the ads that you view on the webpage or the free app is what pays for everything.

Now blocking the ads will actually strangle the develop out of cash and they will struggle to create and provide free content. But that is not to say that a website has to load every inch of its webpage with ads. Meaningful ads have to take its place so that user experience is not diminished in any way.

Else the Adblocking browser will keep on rising, blocking the earnings that website earn through ads. Still user can choose between the pre-installed chrome browser and default adblocking browser.

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