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Gear 360: The Cool Virtual Reality Camera That Samsung Built

samsung-360-camera-project-beyondSamsung has released the excellent yet inexpensive gear VR for the s6 family as well as the note 5. Now Samsung is preparing one more virtual reality device that will launch alongside the galaxy s7. It’s the new gear 360 and this is a virtual reality camera.

Leaks have pointed out that this gear 360 will be shown at the mobile world congress this month.

The gear 360 is the offspring of the “project beyond” that Samsung showcased last year. That looked promising and rightly so.

The device will be used to capture 360 degrees’ images. To make this possible, Samsung is fitting the gear 360 with fisheye lenses. It will stitch two 180 degree images to make a single 360-degree image. It will also stream all the captured content directly to your phone. A special application called as the gear 360 connect app will come handy while using the hardware. The maximum allowed resolution is 3840 x 1920 in dual lens mode or 1920 x 1920 in single lens mode.

Not only that, this virtual reality camera will be able to capture 3d video. The biggest shortcoming of the previous gear accessories such as the gear VR was the content. But not with this device. The gear 360 actually creates its own content and also share it with others.

If Samsung manages to price this device at an affordable point like the gear VR that retails for $99, it would be having a winner in its hand. But given the number of cameras that gear 360 needs, I wouldn’t dare to think that camera would be available anywhere below the $300 price point.

The leaks have indicated that the virtual reality camera will work only with the galaxy s7 but I presume Samsung could make other phones such as the note 5 compatible with a simple software update.