The excellent gear S2 smartwatch has a new avatar. This pretty device now comes in real gold and platinum finishes. For comparisons, the extreme edition of the apple watch will cost you as much as $17,000. This gear S2 could be yours for as low as $450. So what’s the difference?

Unlike apple watch that is entirely made out of the precious metal, the gear S2 has a coat of gold over the regular stainless steel body. Let that not ruin your day as the entire smartwatch looks more beautiful than ever. Samsung revealed that the coat is made of 18k gold and platinum.

Samsung has recently announced the global launch of gold and platinum variants and will be available in china first and other countries getting it at a later date. When available, the gold variant will cost €480 in Europe.

Samsung Gear S2 varian Rose Gold 24 karat dan Platinum
Samsung Gear S2 varian Rose Gold 24 karat dan Platinum

I think this is actually a better buy than the apple watch edition that is significantly expensive. Technology changes from day to day and buying piece of tech that costs $10,000 is not advisable to the average consumer. Samsung has done the right thing by adding a gold coat which makes the watch look expensive but still you wont have a second thought while disposing this smartwatch when the technology in it becomes obsolete.

With its rotating bezel that will help you navigate the user interface, the gear S2 is the smartwatch that compelled me to look at the wearable device when I cared for none other. Unlike other smartwatches that are more of a fashion accessory than a useful device, the gear S2 has some useful applications in the real world.

the watches will be available in February.

Stay tuned for more info on this smartwatch.