With its rotating dial, classy looks and fresh user interface, the tizen powered gear s2 is the first true smartwatch that people will actually want to buy. But how does it succeed where others failed?

The smartphone era is fading and the wearable tech era is slowly dawning, unlike the smartphone boom which started with the original iPhone, the wearable tech is an arena of confused devices with not so useful features. Most of the smartwatches till date including the apple watch either are a gimmick of a device that trick you into buying something that you don’t need or functioning computational devices on your wrists that are too ugly.

galaxy-gear-s2-005-1280x720 gear-s2_movement

Recent past saw a flood of smartwatches from pebble to Huawei to swatch. Everyone wants a piece of action but with a little aim of producing a device that will actually be useful. The Samsung gear s2 changes all that. It make you believe that a smartwatch is more than a jewellery on your wrist. Its basic design is very attractive that is expected of a watch and the display always show the time which is what a watch does unlike apple watch which doesn’t show the time until and unless you ask it to show. gear s2 does these simple tasks better.

The rotation dial which is the primary method of interaction with the smartwatch is a sensible choice from Samsung. A quick glance and you will mistake the smartwatch for a regular sports watch. It is important to note that the smartwatch is not an android wear device, hence the absence of the galaxy name. It is powered by Samsung’s home grown tizen os. The beautiful watch has a superb amoled display covered by gorilla glass. The user interface is similar to the apple watch but the similarities end there. Samsung has cooked an interface that is fun and yet easy to use. There are many watch face that can be changed according to your preference. Apps will be an important part and Samsung is doing its best to develop a community to bring in the apps. It has about 1000 apps in the watch store with more to come in the near future. And of course you will get a host of sensors that will measure your heartbeat, and track your steps and calorie count.