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Note 5 Beats iPhone 6s Plus and Nexus 6p to Become the Phablet of the Year

galaxy-note5_design_feature_note5Its official. The note 5 is the phablet of the year beating the likes of iPhone 6s plus and Sony xperia z5 premium by considerable margin. The poll was conducted by an gsmarena and the results were rather astonishing. The previous poll included all the mobiles and Samsung galaxy s6 won the award. The phablet category is taken by Samsung note 5. It seems like though the sales are declining, the craze for Samsung mobiles isn’t heading south and why should it?

Samsung’s 2015 flagships were beautiful and cutting edge setting a standard for the rest of the industry to follow. By adding a drool worthy displays and exclusive features such as fast charging technologies that can fill up the phone’s battery in an hour, Samsung has become a manufacturer that other can only aspire to become.gsmarena_004

One of the other biggest factor for this success is the Samsung pay. The mobile payment service from Samsung which can operate and make a transaction almost everywhere (something which apple pay and android pay can only dream of) certainly helped.

The note is not a note without the s-pen. The excellent s-pen enables never before productivity features in a mobile phone and I can say for sure that there is no competition for the s-pen as of now. All these make the note 5 the most desirable phablet of the year.

And to celebrate such occasions, Samsung is releasing the 128 GB version of the mobile and is also introducing new colours.