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Samsung Sued for Not Updating its Phones to Latest Version of Android Software

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Active-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-002In a first case of its sort, Samsung is being sued by the Dutch Consumers Association, Consumentenbond, for its inability to update its phones to the versions of android software that were introduced after the phone went on sale. The association is arguing that Samsung isn’t safeguarding the interest of the consumer and because of this, it fails to provide additional information about the software updates and loopholes in the android security.

The association released an official statement.

“On buying a Samsung Android device, consumers are given inadequate information about how long they will continue to receive software updates. The Consumentenbond is demanding that Samsung provide its customers with clear and unambiguous information about this. Samsung moreover provides insufficient information about critical security vulnerabilities, such as Stagefright, in its Android phones. Finally, the Consumentenbond is demanding that Samsung actually provide its smartphones with updates”

It also argues that other android software OEM are also failing to provide timely updates and support for their devices and it is suing Samsung solely on the basis that it is the top android player in the smartphone world.

It further indicated that “82% of the Samsung phones examined had not been provided with the latest Android software version in the two years after being introduced.”

Samsung responded to this allegation in the following words.

“At Samsung, we understand that our success depends on consumers’ trust in us, and the products and services that we provide. That is why we have made a number of commitments in recent months to better inform consumers about the status of security issues, and the measures we are taking to address those issues. Data security is a top priority and we work hard every day to ensure that the devices we sell and the information contained on those devices are is safeguarded.”

But the solution might be more complex than previously thought. iOS devices are easily updated since there are very few device models available. but android fragmentation is something that is plaguing the platform since its launched. There are thousands of android devices and updating them would require tremendous resources. Instead manufacturers prefer to desert the phone after launching it into the market with the latest version of android software and ignore it for the rest of its life cycle.

For Samsung, there are huge number of devices. Updating them is simply impossible for the Korean giant which concentrates most of its resources in making newer models of smartphone.

For example, the current version of android is the 6.0 marshmallow. But most of the galaxy devices are lingering on android software 4.4, KitKat and still await the 5.0 lollipop update.

First google has to release the software, then the manufacturers have to tweak it for their own devices and lay the custom user interface. Finally, carrier has to approve it and modify for its network. All these take lots of time making it one of the difficult methods in the tech world.

This might be the single biggest factor that could cause the android software to fail in the near future.

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