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Samsung Pay is Ridiculing Apple Pay in New Advertisement

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To promote Samsung’s own mobile payment system, Samsung is using it’s old but proven strategy again. In a new advertisement Samsung is ridiculing Apple Pay and showing all Apple fanboy how it is done, the right way.

To use Apple Pay, retailers need to buy expensive new payment solution from Apple, but not with Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay just works with all old and new credit card machines. Just hover your Galaxy phone over the credit card machine and the payment is done.

“You mean like Apple Pay?” asks one of the employees at the deli, “We don’t have that,” he says. Buress replies “No, like Samsung Pay,” and then proceeds to show how he can make the payment using Samsung Pay by just hovering his phone over the conventional credit card machine. It works like a charm even though the deli staff insists that it won’t work since they don’t have any of the fancy terminals that are required for most mobile payment services.
Samsung Pay is light-year ahead when it comes to mobile payment system. It works with all those fancy new NFC systems, but at the same time you can use the your phone for mobile payment on old-fashioned credit card machines.

Samsung Pay is awesome and if you do not believe us, you are an Apple fanboy.