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Note 7 Could End Up Having a Staggering 512 GB of Storage Space

galaxy-note-7-renders-1The Note 7 is right around the corner and will be shown to the world in less than a month. many leaks have pretty much pointed out the details concerning the phone. At this point, we pretty much know how the phone looks and works. Samsung has to have a trick up its sleeves to surprise us when it introduces the phone.

One rumor suggests that like the iPad pro, the Note 7 will come in a 256GB version that is the top of the line edition targeting the photography experts and other videographers who need as large volumes of space to store and record their content. So the internal memory is at 256 GB.

The current flagship, the Galaxy S7 has at most 64 GB of internal memory but it also has the micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to 256 GB. Samsung is most likely to carry this feature onto the Note 7 and with the expandable storage, it is possible to put in an extra 256 GB of memory via a memory card. A total of 512 GB on the Note 7. That’s crazy considering the fact that the iPhone still has 16GB of base memory and my mother has a moto E with 4 GB of internal storage.

Another interesting news is that Samsung will make 64 GB the base storage instead of the usual 32 GB on the Note 7 given the fact that I cost almost $800.

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