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Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition Is Official in Russia

gsmarena_001Finally, some Tizen news. Samsung had introduced the Z3 in India quite a while back and though it didn’t set the cash register ringing, it was sold in decent numbers. Given its low price point, underwhelming specs and lack of apps, this was expected. Now Samsung is at it again and is launching the business edition of the phone dubbed as Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition in Russia.

The new variant of the phone comes with upgraded specs as well as strong focus on business security. Hence the name corporate edition suggests the user base it is targeting. But for business users, the security of their data and the phone is of top priority. For this purpose, Samsung has made a phone that is SAFE certified and usually prevents unwanted personnel from accessing sensitive information on the phone without proper authorization.

As far as the specs are concerned, the Z3 corporate edition comes with a 5.0 inch 720p super AMOLED display. The snapdragon 410 chipset make the phone feel zippy since it is powering a Tizen device instead of Android.

The disappointing news?

The apps as usual. Tizen ecosystem has apps but most of them are useless when compared to the Android or iOS counterpart. Second, the phone only has1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory and still costs a staggering $260. Last year’s Oneplus 2 offers flagship grade specs for the same price point. The culprit is the Russian currency. The weak Ruble raised the price of every commodity in Russia and Samsung had to increase the price to make it profitable.

“Rear camera capacity reaches 8MP with f/2.2 aperture while the front camera capacity is 5MP with the same aperture. The device runs on Tizen OS 2.4, with Tizen UX 2015 graphical interface. Then, the battery capacity reaches 2,600mAh, and two SIM cards are supported.” Samsung support page mentioned.