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Samsung Launches a Staggering 44 New TV Models in The Indian Sub-Continent

4298b6348980bd193638103320ed531e7bedd4bfSamsung dominates the world TV market along with the other Korean giant, LG. but looks like it has plans to dominate the retail showcase space as Samsung has launched a staggering 44 new TV models into the Indian subcontinent. Included in some of the models is the latest “Quantum Dot” display technology that promises superb visuals and experience like never before.

the 44 TV models fall into 3 categories. The expensive and top of the line SHUD range, the mid-range Smart TV line-up and the affordable Joy Beat range.

“While we are introducing the best picture quality ever with ‘Quantum Dot’ technology in our new SUHD range, we are also introducing meaningful innovations in our Smart and Joy Beat ranges. With these offerings, we aim to further consolidate our position as the market leader across segments,” Rajeev Bhutani, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India, told reporters in New Delhi.

The new SHUD TV models offer the Quantum Dot Technology as well as HDR 1000 technologies for “great color reproduction, brightness, contrast, and details.” They cost anywhere from Rs. 1,79,900 to Rs. 23,99,900 and have a screen size from 49-inch to 88-inch.

The mid-range smart TV line-up also integrate some innovative features and like Smart Interface, Smart Content, Smart Convergence and Smart Play providing the most advanced Smart TV experience that suits the Indian consumers perfectly. They start form Rs. 34,500 to Rs. 7,03,900 and have a screen size of 32-inch to 78-inch.

The affordable line up of the Joy Beat has never offered such value for money. They now have an integrated sound station with built-in tweeters for the best possible viewing experience.

Joy Beat range will be available in 32-inch to 49-inch sizes. Prices range from Rs. 27,900 to Rs. 69,500.