It has been a long time since Samsung has been offering smartwatches for the consumers. However, at this year’s Mobile World Congress held in March, many other smartphone manufacturers debuted their smartwatches.

Samsung was the lone king in the market of wearable gadgets, before the release of Apple Watch. Moreover, a Chinese vendor, Xiaomi has also stepped into the wearable market with its ultra-cheap wearable gadgets. With the increasing competition, Samsung might lose hold of the wearable market.

The Apple Watch was greatly anticipated in the market by the consumers. According to a report, more than 7 million units of Apple Watch have been sold as of yet, whereas, Samsung was only able to move 2 million units of Samsung Gear.

The Apple Watch made its debut in April, this year, while the Samsung Gear was released 2 years ago. This shows that Apple was able to sell more than three times the amount of smartwatches in 4 months that Samsung sold in 2 years. This report explains the popularity of Apple Watch, worldwide.

On the other hand, Xiaomi, a Chinese vendor, is gradually taking over the low-range wearable market. Xiaomi made its debut in the wearable market, back in 2014. In the first quarter of 2015, Xiaomi was able to secure the second place in the global wearable market, while, Samsung secured the fourth place.

As it has been reported, Samsung will be releasing another smartwatch – Orbis, the question arises that whether Samsung will be able to outclass Apple and Xiaomi in the International wearable market or not. However, the higher stakes are that Samsung will be crushed by Xiaomi in the low-range market, and Apple in the premium market.