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Apple spending more on digital ads than Samsung

Even though Apple have stopped their overall advertising, there is still an interesting fact that Apple are still spending more money on advertising than their rival Samsung.

Currently, Apple have spent $97 million on mobile, video ads and display until November 2016, which is outspending Samsung’s $80.4 million overall. All of these data were given exclusively by Business Insider.

Taken as a consideration, Apple are remarkably outspent Samsung even if you exclude that Apple doesn’t produce TV’s, laundry, memory and business solutions.

Some of the data gathered are also showing that Apple’s digital spend was dropped by 16% year after year, while Samsung increased their budget by 49%. Apple said that this was a result of their lower discretionary expenditures and advertising costs. Also, there is a difference on how both Apple and Samsung are spending their digital budgets online.

More detailed view of the Apple’s digital ad spending is 76% on video ads, 22% on desktop display and only 1% on mobile.

On the other hand, Samsung spent 73% towards desktop display, 20% on video and 7% on mobile.

If we dig deeper in the data that Pathmatics shows us, we see that Apple’s budget was more focused on direct deals with publishers. Samsung though was focusing more on third-party ad networks, exchanges and trading desks. Direct deals mostly are coming at a premium, which may be the reason why Apple are outspending Samsung.

The CEO of Pathmatics, Gabe Gottlieb, in one of his publishing said that Apple’s budget was focused on direct deals with publishers, as we said above. He also said that the safety and brand integrity came in question, and that is what Apple’s biggest concern. Getting your brand safe guarding is exclusively a burden for major spenders as they are. However, everyone still need to be ensure on their campaigns to be executed as promised.