This year, Samsung have set to release their upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device. The device could feature 8GB of RAM in it, as we also heard that the Galaxy Note 9 could be having 12GB of RAM. The South Korean original equipment manufacturer said that they might include 8GB of RAM in their Note 8 “Emperor Edition”. Also, the Emperor Edition could only be available in China, but it’s not yet confirmed. The international variant of the Note 8 should feature 6GB of RAM.

Previously, the Galaxy S8 Plus was shipping with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, so we might expect the same package for the Galaxy Note 8. This was only available in China also, while the international version for the S8 Plus is having 4GB of RAM and 64GB flash memory.

Now, with the rumor that the Note 9 could be having 12GB of RAM in China only, the upcoming Galaxy S9 though, could be also coming with 10GB of RAM. As for the international version, we still don’t have any details. For these details, we might wait until 2018 for an official report from Samsung. Also, the Samsung’s head of the Chinese units, wants to make all of the Chinese variants of Samsung more powerful. There is a possibility of they to be shipped worldwide, but we didn’t have any similar situations so far.

The Galaxy Note 8 suffered many leaks and rumors these days, as it is one of the most expected devices from Samsung. This information is also just a rumor, as any further details could be coming in the next couple of weeks.