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Philippines Will Be Getting A Dual SIM Variant Of Galaxy S6


We have seen that in some areas around the world, people have a certain liking for the Dual SIM phones. People have opted for Dual SIM phones in many developing markets such as the Middle-East and Asia. Dual SIM smartphones came out as a great success in these markets over the past few years.

Samsung has been known for making some really great smartphones with the Dual Sim capability in the last few years. The Dual SIM Android phones that Samsung has created were an instant hit in these specific markets.


Recently, we saw that Samsung released its latest Android phones the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. These phones are being considered Samsung’s step forward. With these phones, Samsung expects to satisfy its customers and in return, get back the global market share it lost in the last year.

Well, Samsung has developed its new phones keeping in mind the public feedback, which means Samsung now knows what people in Philippines want. They want Dual SIM phones which Samsung will be giving them in the form of Galaxy S6 variants with Dual SIM capability.