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Wireless Charger Prices of S6 And S6 Edge Revealed

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So Samsung has released its latest devices that everyone had been waiting for a long time. Samsung tried to develop devices that will be the best and will have not even a single competitor in the entire global smartphone market. It now seems Samsung has succeeded in doing what it wanted to do so desperately.

These new devices have many great new features built into them that the users had wanted Samsung to put into an ideal phone for a really long time. One of them is Wireless charging. All of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices will come with wireless charging capability out of the box.

There were many questions that everyone had about the wireless charging capability that Samsung was offering. What chargers will charge the phone? What standards of wireless charging will Samsung be using? Above all, will there be a wireless charger coming with each new device? What will be the price if not?

Well according to the latest revelation by a Canadian company, the wireless charger for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge will cost $59.99. In some places, companies will also provide free charger with each new device which means you won’t be spending extra bucks on the charger.