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Galaxy S6 Edge New Screen Protectors Revealed

Galaxy S6 Edge

So Samsung just introduced the world’s most advanced and probably the best smartphone till date at the launch even held on Sunday. Galaxy S6 Edge is currently something that Samsung has created specially for its users so that they have something that’s different and better.

The display and touch of this amazing new device will no doubt be better than any other device. The uniqueness of this display is that its curved. There is not only one single curve but two of them on either side of the screen. These curves are what make this phone so special.

Galaxy S6 Edge

In the last few years, we have been accustomed to using screen protectors on our devices. The reason behind this is to keep the screen clear of any scratches. So with the launch of the new phone, people will look forward to keeping the devices neat and clean for as long as possible.

Samsung has released 5 different screen protectors for the Galaxy S6 Edge. The protectors are specially made to fit on the device’s curved edges, while keeping the quality of the display as much intact as possible so that the users’ experience stays awesome as ever.