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Note 5 Has 2 New Colours

Samsung doesn’t want the steam to flow out from its sales engine. To keep up the sales momentum of the note 5, Samsung has released two new colours. The announcement comes on the occasion of the iPhone 6s launch in Samsung’s homeland, south Korea. As a part of its global rollout, apple is releasing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in south Korea on October 23rd.

Samsung wants apple to earn every quarter that is available and it has released the two new note 5 that are beautiful. The colours being pink gold and titanium silver. Although these colours have been announced for the south Korean region, Samsung spokesmen has said that it indeed has plans to introduce the new note 5 colours in the U.S. and other Asian countries.

“the introduction of new colour variations for the Galaxy Note 5 will gradually be expanded to other Asian countries but release details are still being worked out.” Samsung said in a statement.

galaxy-note-5-pink-gold galaxy-note-5-silver-titanium

The only difference between the new note 5 and the old note 5 are the colours. The internals remain same. It’s just plain old note 5 repackaged to counter the iPhone effect. Samsung has every reason to fight the iPhone. It was reported that apple has sold about 13 million iPhone globally during its first weekend of availability.

As for the note 5, it is the pinnacle of the phablet industry and all the other look up to it. The standard setting note 5 has the excellent s-pen that offers productivity like never before. The phone has been praised for its design and function and is widely considered as the only phone that can give the iPhone 6s plus a run for its money.

Both the colours are available in the 64 GB model and will cost you 965,000 won (approx. $850). The silver on is also available in the 32 GB model and will set you back 899,900 won (approx. $800).