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Samsung Says That It Doesn’t Feel Any Pressure from The New iPhone

note-5-s6-edge-plus-boxesIndia is turning into a battle ground for major smartphone players and Samsung is one of the key competitor in this part of the world. The war of words has begun and they are fighting for your money. Samsung has said that it doesn’t feel any pressure from the new iPhone as it has an exciting products lined up for the Indian consumers this Diwali.

These words were said by the vice president of product for samsung in Indian sub-continent. “The market is large and there is enough room for everybody. We are confident of growing our sales in the premium category,” Asim Warsi, VP at Samsung India’s mobile and IT division


Samsung has started its campaign for the Diwali festival season during which the consumers spend most on the tech products such as televisions and smartphones. Apple has also started the promotion for its products with the launch of the newest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in India. But the key fact is that apple has priced the iPhone in such a way that India has become the most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone.

The iPhone 6s 16 model retails for $1055, for comparison, you can buy an iPhone 6s plus 128 GB high end model in the U.S. for $1049. these prices inflated severely from the last year owing to eroding local currency value and high percentage of taxes levied on tech products in India.

Samsung is confident that such high prices will make the consumers turn to its own products and convert into higher sales. But all is not well in Samsung land. The Korean company’s market share recently fell below 25% of global shipments. The strong point is that Samsung still maintains a 42% smartphone share in India. the high end consumers will definitely opt for iPhone but Samsung can score big on the low end and mid-ranged devices if the pricing strategy is right. Well the battle has begun.