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Japan Will Not Get the Note 5 Or The Galaxy S6 Edge+

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-plus-vs-galaxy-note-5-w782Even though the galaxy s6 and s6 edge were made available in japan, the note 5 and the s6 edge+ will skip the region owing to poor response from the Japanese consumers. Softbank mobile has recently announced the line-up of phones that will be available this holiday season and most notably the 2 superphones from galaxy stable are absent.

The sole galaxy that made an appearance is the low end galaxy active neo. A phone that is water and dust resistant with 2gb of ram, an 8 MP camera and 1.2 MP selfie snapper. It houses a snapdragon 410 soc and the display size is 4.5 inches with less than hd resolution. Softbank mobile had months ago introduces the galaxy s6 and s6 edge is now showing little interest in the newest note 5. This point out that the pricy phones have been subjected to lukewarm response.

What is interesting is that the line-up is dominated by the local smartphone makers and standing out among them is the Japanese giant, Sony’s xperia phones. The nexus phones that are yet to launch in most of the countries worldwide will be available.


Samsung has a bad reputation in japan and its troubles continue. The Korean group has renamed itself as galaxy to avoid bad publicity yet the effects of earlier days continue. The NTT DoCoMo which was a carrier supporting Samsung from the days of note 1 and s1 phone is refusing to back Samsung anymore owing to the losses incurred by introducing models such as the s4 active and s5 active that were deemed as flop phones.

The fall line of the three major carriers have revealed and the note 5 is significantly absent from all of the line-ups. This lead to the hard conclusion that the note 5 and the galaxy s6 edge+ will never be available in japan.