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Samsung’s Game Tuner App Is A Boon For Mobile Gamers

Samsung has created what is called as a game tuner app. This is the first app from the Samsung stable that will allow the gamers to set their resolution, frames per second(fps) of the games that is being played.

We know that the most of the flagship smartphone available today come with a 2k display. It is also a known fact that a simple game such as candy crush can render itself beautiful at 480p resolution and playing the game at 1440p is an unnecessary drain on the battery and load on the processor. This app comes into play at such crucial moments, it will lower the resolution of the games and also the fps rate. What is beautiful is that when a game is being played at 1080p resolution, it can also render the game at 1440p resolution taking full advantage of the 2k displays on a smartphone.

The testing of the app has been done on the hearthstone app that has graphic intense visuals. The game usually renders at 1080p resolution. But with the game tuner app, the scaling of the resolution was possible and the game was even morea beautiful at 1440p resolution on the 2k display of the note 5. the app also allows us to play the game at 480p resolution, although the game looked a bit grainy, it would be useful in playing other games such as up-hill racing. The frame rate was also good. We had the option to set the fps anywhere between 15 to 60 seconds.

The down side?

This app is only available for a handful of smartphones and that too from Samsung’s galaxy line. The compatible phones are note 5, galaxy s6, s6 edge and s6 edge+. But we hope to see the compatibility coming to other galaxy devices soon and it might not be far-fetched to say that I expect the compatibility for other non-Samsung android phones.