Memory chip demand increase predicted by SK Hynix

    Not everybody loses from the Note 7 crisis. According to the South Korean chip maker SK Hynix, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident would boost the memory chip demand.

    “Chinese smartphone makers, among others, would ramp up efforts to fill the void. This will lead to an increased demand for memory chips” a company executive said in a conference call. He also added – “With the absence of a popular model (Samsung Galaxy Note 7), the high-end smartphone market is likely to suffer supply constraints”.

    On the same day SK Hynix posted their Q3 2016 operating profit of 726 billion won or US$640 million. This is 47.5 percent lower from last year.

    Compared to the last quarter, the profit jumped a whole 60.3 percent, which indicates a recovery in chip prices.