Samsung putting together new quality control team

It goes without a doubt that Samsung would never again want to repeat their failure with the Galaxy Note 7. The device had really good imagination and had some potential in it. But unfortunately, the device had a huge problem with the batteries and because of that it had to be recalled and discounted. The company was forced to lose billions of dollars due to the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Just because of that, they also announced that they’re putting together a new team that it is dedicated to control the product quality.

The head of this team will be Kim Jong-Ho, the former production chief at the affiliate Samsung Heavy Industries. He will also be under direct control of the three co-CEO’s of Samsung. The company also said in a statement that they have full trust in him.

The company announced his statement at the very right time. The March 29 is right at the doorbell as they have set to unveil the Galaxy S8 on that date. This device will be the first release right after the Note 7, and there is much needed from them to shake up the impressions. We will expect from them to not disappoint us, and we hope that their growth will continue as the number one Android sellers.