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Galaxy S7’s Unpacked Event Set for Feb 21st

samsung_prime_tease-e1422939782502-1050x657It was earlier reported by samsungrumors.com that the galaxy S7 will see the light in the month of January but the latest leaks have pointed out that the phone will come out in its usual upgrade period of the galaxy s-series phones.

This decision has been taken by Samsung to give the note 5 its due time period as the company’s flagship. Samsung is planning to hold the unpacked event in Barcelona at this year’s world mobile congress(WMC) on Jan 21st.

In the other news, the galaxy S7 will come in three variants. The u.s and Chinese handsets will have the snapdragon 820. The international version might have the exynos 8890 or 7422 depending upon the market. There is also another variant that is dubbed as the premium version. The usual S7 will come with a 5.2 inch Qhd display with 3 GB of ram and the premium version will have a 5.8-inch screen that could have 4k resolution and will come with 4 GB of ram.

The phone is rumoured to have a pressure sensitive display that can differentiate between a light press and a hard press offering different options for different presses. There is also a rumour circulating that the phone will come with a native support of usb-c and will be a less expensive than the galaxy S6 launch price.

The galaxy S7 will most likely be available a week after being launched.

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