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Get The Apple Music On Your Galaxy Device Now

apple-music-android-02311Apple music is now available on android devices and this is the third app that apple has written for the android users. unlike the first two app that include the move to iOS app and the beats app used to control the beats pill audio, apple music is the first android app from apple that will be loved to certain extent by the android users.

Apple usually save the best for the iOS users. But that isn’t the case here. The apple music experience on android is very similar to the apple music on the iOS. All the features such as the curated playlists and beats radio are present. Notably the missing feature is the voice control. You have Siri on iOS that can do stuff for you, that isn’t the case here and you won’t be able to save any songs to the sd card. Apple music doesn’t have the ability to play the music stored in the phone memory as of now.


But this isn’t the same app found on the iOS. All the menu options that are placed at the bottom of the display in the iOS have now moved into the menu section of the app and the icons have been slightly modified to suit the android experience better. Apple has once again proven that it still cares about the minor details and that make all the difference in the world.

Apple still hasn’t taken off the beta tag indicating to the users that the application is still in works and you might experience some trouble caused by lingering bugs. Apple music as usual come at a premium price of $10/month and has a catalogue of 30 million songs. You get a free run of 3 months before being charged. The family plan present in iOS that costs $15/ month for 6 users is absent for now.

All in all, apple wants to crater to audience who enjoy music in whichever platform they are on and apple music for android is just the start.