Yesterday saw the leak of the Microsoft’s upcoming band 2. What hit me hard was the resemblance between the device and Samsung’s galaxy gear fit. At first I mistook the Microsoft band 2 for galaxy gear fit then upon looking closely, the Microsoft logo made me think otherwise. But I don’t think it a bad thing since the gear fit was an excellent device.

Microsoft is set to unveil the Microsoft band 2 in its October 6th event. It will also unveil the new surface pro 4 and the new wave of windows 10 mobiles. The band 2 particularly will gain some attraction as it is rumoured to have the ability to count the number of stairs that you have climbed. The curved display makes it better suited on the wrist than the previous model that was a no frills fitness tracker yet plain ugly.

the gear fit in picture, the band 2 looks very similar

The style quotient will be upped in this generation and the device looks interesting in the leaks. But the thing to consider is that the band 2, though is a nice tracking device, doesn’t offer much features that are absent in other trackers.

The band 2 will have the ability to track your health parameters via Microsoft health, display the missed called, text messages and preview the emails. It also measures the steps taken, heart rate, sleep quality and the calories burned.

The band 2 has a gps built into it to measure the distance that you have covered while walking, running or cycling. It also help while paying golf. It detects the hole position, swing arc and strength via an app called as taylormade. The band 2 works with android devices, iOS devices and windows phone via an app. It also come with the excellent Cortana digital assistant to make you more productive. The band 2 also displays the updates from Facebook and twitter. It also comes with a UV monito. Did I tell you that you can order your menu at Starbucks via an app?