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Unboxing of AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

With the success of the Galaxy S6 duo, Samsung is looking at the continuation of the Galaxy S6 lineup with the other siblings of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has lately announced the release of the Galaxy S6 Active, which is a waterproof, and rough and tough version of the Galaxy S6.

With the help of the sturdy and rugged design of the Galaxy S6 Active, it is able to withstand almost anything. The Galaxy S6 Active features a rough, yet premium design for sustaining in the harshest conditions possible. Let’s take a look at the unboxing of the AT&T version of the Galaxy S6 Active.

The phone comes in the traditional AT&T box with the orange and white color scheme. The packaging is pretty much simple and ordinary, with the AT&T logo, the name of the Galaxy S6 Active, and a picture of the phone printed on the undersurface of the box. Unlike the S6 and S6 edge, the S6 Active does not come with a premium packaging.

Lying under the box is the study and rigid Galaxy S6 Active, constructed with a sturdy and rugged plastic material, instead of the metal and glass on the original Galaxy S6. The rigid plastic finish makes it easier to grip the phone.

Below the handset lie an instructions manual, a MicroUSB cable, and a wall charger. Overall, the packaging of the Galaxy S6 Active was not very impressive as compared to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. However, the phone seems very promising and reliable for sustaining harsh conditions.