Samsung leaked the Note 8 few days before its launch

Samsung have probably made the biggest leak for the Note 8, leaking it on their official website. Today, an unlocked version of the device was posted online. You can also see the picture above, to have clear look of what we are talking.

A slightly small mistake by Samsung, posting their device just a few days away from its official launch. Later on, we find out that Samsung have accidentally posted the Note 8 as well as the Unlocked version of it. Since it has been removed by their side, after it has been discovered on Friday, we have at least some of the plans that the company have for their newest Note device.

What is also good news, is that the Unlocked version of the Note 8 might be shipping at the same time with the carrier-specific models. That is something that doesn’t usually happens when Samsung are releasing new device. The price though, is something that most of us won’t like much. According to a leak from China, the device should cost around $1000, which we heard in many other rumors as well.

This Wednesday, Samsung will officially reveal the device, and we will finally take a look at it. More detailed info will be following up as soon as the reveal will happen. We will also have the official release date for the device announced by Samsung.