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Samsung Just Lost an Important Battle

17512-15114-a9-lSamsung has been fighting for the A10 chip manufacturing contract from Apple that will be used in the upcoming iPhone 7 but it emerged today that it has also lost the race to produce the A11 chips for the iPhone of 2017 and that too to the same rival.

If the readers remember, the A9 processor used in the current crop of iPhone is co-manufactured by TMSC and Samsung in a split ratio. But the Samsung-made A9 iPhone ran into trouble last year as they consumed more battery power than the TMSC powered A9 iPhone. As a result of this, Apple has been reluctant to use Samsung as its component supplier.

The TMSC has also reportedly perfected the 10nm FinFET process that will make the processor more powerful while reducing the overall footprint. Samsung has also invested hugely in the similar manufacturing process but after due tests, the TMSC products has proved to be slightly superior.

The same company has also convinced that it can produce the chips in the quantities that Apple requires without any hiccups or supply constraints that might hinder with the release date and Apple seems to be satisfied with the proceedings.

“TSMC is already the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A10 chip which will power the upcoming iPhone series slated for launch in September 2016. The Taiwan-based foundry will continue to be the sole supplier of Apple’s next-generation A11 processor that will be built on a 10 nm FinFET process, the report indicated, without citing its sources.” Reported economic daily news.

But other sources also report that Apple wouldn’t rely solely on TMSC. In the case of any delay in supply the required A11 chips, Apple made necessary arrangements to procure the components from another supplier such as Samsung and intel.

The overall atmosphere indicates one thing for sure. Apple wants to reduce its dependence on Samsung for manufacturing its products since both the companies are locked in a patent battle that refuses to give out a clear winner.