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The Galaxy S8 Is All About The 4k Screen And Virtual Reality

Rumors-on-a-700-32GB-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Price-for-the-2017-Launch-1It is strange. On the eve of the unveiling of the Note 7, we are seeing rumors about the Galaxy S8 that is still a good 8 months away. But that hasn’t stopped us from exploring these bits of information. If the reports are true, then the Galaxy S8 might not have a competition until the iPhone 7s or Samsung own Note 8 comes out. Such are the feature of the handset.

Samsung has understood one thing, putting top end specs in a phone will no longer guarantee the massive sales like its predecessors. It instead relies on other software services such as Samsung pay and virtual reality. This will instead help the Korean giant in locking the user in its ecosystem like Apple and Google.

Since all the flagship grade phones, more or less, have similar specs and build quality, I would rather choose the S8 with all the Samsung goodies than the HTC flagship of 2017 if it doesn’t have any trick up its sleeves.

Anyways, the latest rumor is that the Galaxy S8 will have an Ultra-High Definition or a UHD screen with a jaw-dropping resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 in a mobile screen. The first thing that comes to the reader’s mind is that such as screen is an overkill for a smartphone with more than 800 ppi.

But the truth is that, apart from acting as a selling point, the 4k screen will enhance the mobile experience of the virtual reality world in the Gear VR headset. The experience is so rich that even the full-fledged VR systems like the oculus rift struggle to match. When the phone is mere inches away from the eye, having a screen with higher resolution is always beneficial.

The phone might upgrade to a 5.5-inch screen to accommodate a bigger virtual world. As usual, top of the line SoC will power the handset. Snapdragon 830 in this case.