Galaxy lovers have been teased by reports of leaked designs and now by Samsung as it spices the launch of the Galaxy S6 with a new Twitter teaser trailer. Samsung has shown a 17 second teaser video that shows the upcoming Galaxy S6. Beyond adding hype to the smartphone’s upcoming reveal the teaser video message also seems to imply that the Galaxy S6 will have much better cameras than the previous Galaxy S5.

The video has accompanying text to it which reads

I am #TheNextGalaxy. Be inspired by my vision at #Unpacked.

This teaser video by Samsung may show the much hyped and rumored 20 MP rear camera and 5MP chat cam. This teaser video shows a circle enclosed by a square, imagery that harks to the S5’s rear camera.

During a Samsung Unpacked event at the Mobile World Congress on March 1 everything about the new Galaxy S6 is expected to be revealed. The Galaxy S6 is expected to have an unofficial unveiling during this event and Samsung is going to announce a release date at the event as well. Apart from stepping up from the 16 MP and 2 MP rear and front cameras of the S5, the Galaxy S6 is going to have smarter cameras according to Samsung.

The Korean hardware manufacturer said that it benchmarks all of its camera’s optimal settings by taking more than 10,000 photos with each and the Galaxy S6 will know which preset image option is best for any given situation. So users will not need to change to settings as they will change automatically and no hassle for the users.

There are also some rumors that state that the Galaxy S6 will move away from the flat-faced design which was employed by the previous models. Moreover sources have stated that Samsung will not weigh the Galaxy S6 down with bloatware. However how much truth is behind this rumor is still to be seen.