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Galaxy S6 Edge has the best benchmarks to date


The news is getting hotter and crispier as the time for the release of the two most awaited phones for this year approaches. Thanks to Samsung who has been really successful in promoting its upcoming phones after learning great lessons from Apple.

Well, everyone was left wondering since the release of the Note Edge last year that will there be any more devices coming to the market later with curved screens? Till last few weeks, nothing was confirmed about the future of curved screens, but then suddenly a rumour came up stating that there will be a curved edge variant for Galaxy S6.


Over time, more rumours came and at last, earlier last week it was confirmed that there will be variant of Galaxy S6 that will have a screen curved on two sides. Well now, we were left wondering what will be the specs.

Well, the specs are here – thanks to the benchmark testing that Samsung has been performing recently. These test results show that the Galaxy S6 Edge has better performance than any other device, even surpassing iPhone 6 and Note 4.