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Samsung to launch the Galaxy X phone soon?

Samsung to launch the Galaxy X phone soon?Samsung will launch their new foldable phone Galaxy X in near future. They will soon unveil the device than we thought. There are also several rumors suggesting that Samsung’s Galaxy X will copy the Apple’s iPhone X. But those are just rumors as we say.

We’ve heard some of the Samsung’s plans about their release of the foldable device. Some of the reports suggested that the company will unveil the Galaxy X this year, and launch it few days later after the unveil.

Other reports claimed that the device will be postponed to 2018, as the Galaxy S8 turned out to be a great seller. Rumors also claimed that the Note 9 might be the first foldable device from Samsung.

A leak from Let’s Go Digital, suggests the model number of the foldable device, the SM-G888N0.

In the rumors, we still haven’t heard anything about the specifications of the device. We can only guess when the release date will also occur, as well as what will the cost going to be.

The company will be surely looking for new innovation and to be few steps ahead from their rivals, Apple. In near future, we might expect new rumors, or even official announcement from Samsung connected to this topic.