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Samsung producing phone that folds inward?

Samsung producing phone that folds inward?Samsung Electronics are reportedly rumored that they are producing brand-new smartphone that folds inwards. The device is probably featuring a 3R curvature and it is the main reason why the device can fold inward. The reason for this move from the company is still unknown, besides the fact that it is only a rumor.

The company’s strategy has suffered several major shifts in regard to its product designs. Also, they have been previously rumored that they have plans to design foldable devices in their future. Their upcoming device, the Galaxy X, was rumored to be released this year, but it got pushed away to early 2018, as recent reports claim. Recent rumors also claim that the company struggles with this technology for several years now. The company also hopes that they can produce and commercialize such product, which we also believe it can be plausible.

While the company hopes that they will become the first ones to produce and commercialize foldable smartphone to the markets, ZTE will mostly seem to take the advantage over them. They are also in development of similar foldable device, which the release date is still unknown. As the rumors claim, the ZTE Axon M could be launched in the next month, but no official announcement has been made yet.