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Galaxy J1 the Best among the Cheapest


India is the gold mine for all smartphone companies; the reason behind this is the vast population that needs phones. The problem in the Indian market is that most of the consumers or mobile phone buyers are poorer as compared to many other countries.

To fulfill the needs of these people, there was a great need of introducing some low cost and really cheap phones with good specs. Over the years, many companies tried to do this but failed miserably in many cases. Well, the current world leader in smartphone manufacturing came to India and took over the Indian market with its low-end phones.


Over the time, Samsung has introduced many cheap phones specifically for Indian people. These smart phones mostly ranged below the $200 price tag. Well, in other words, thanks to India – Samsung now rules the global market.

Well, to attract more customers, Samsung is now introducing its latest phone the Galaxy J1. This phone is priced at Rs.7190 which is approximately $115. The phone has 1.2 GHz Dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM, 5MP rear camera with flash, 2MP front camera with gesture detection, 4GB internal storage, and 4.3 inch screen which is quite enough for this price. Above all, it’s a 3G phone which alone is worth the complete price.