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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Said to Feature Enhanced Mobile Security

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Samsung is going to be coming up with a new device for its customers within a month, the much awaited Galaxy Note 5. The South Korean giant has been giving much thought to mobile security with the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung has been for a while now been looking into numerous digital security methods and will surely bring out a masterpiece as always.

The chief executive of Oberthur Technologies, Didied Lamouche had recently held a presentation in which he gave a glimpse of what Samsung will be coming up with and how the company will be improving its mobile security system.

Now the upcoming security software that will be featured on the Galaxy Note 5 is going to be much faster than before. This is because the software is going to be linked directly with the processor.

This will basically create a faster link between the processor and the local embedded devices. Now even the finger print scanner is going to be much faster which will actually encourage the use of the scanner and will also prevent any data leak.

Lamouche stated that they are currently in talks with four major banks of Europe which includes those in Spain and Poland in order to implement the new security system quite soon in the market.

Moreover the company’s mobile security software has been embedded in the Galaxy smartphone lineup including the Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and S6 Edge.