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Samsung Galaxy F First Live Photo Shows Why Apple Now Need to Fear Samsung

Samasung Galaxy F
Samsung Galaxy F or we say the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 variant with metal frame is in rumors and leaks from quite some time. Though many believe this is just another Galaxy S5, we think this is the phone which will make some more Apple fanboys jealous.

With the first live photo of Samsung Galaxy F leaked all Samsung bashing websites joined together and started a conspiracy how Samsung is copying their beloved iPhone metallic look. But they completely forgot that anyone in the world can make a metallic framed phone and that does not mean that it’s a iPhone clone. And if these fanboys thinks the Galaxy F looks like iPhone because it just have a metal body, then they should remember that their iPhone iOS is just a copy paste job of Android features and nothing more.

For Samsung admirers this is good sign that Samsung is trying out many new products. Samsung will definitely bring some jaw-dropping hardware to this flagship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor aided by 3GB of RAM. A Quad HD display is also expected.

And all those “Wall Huggers” please come back to reality and admire better products.

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