Samsung did it last year and it has done it yet again with the galaxy s7. Samsung has a habit of using the camera modules from different manufacturer. In this case, Samsung has fitted the Galaxy S7 with camera modules from Sony as well as from its own camera hardware division.

These cameras are the one used in the rear of the device. The Galaxy S7’s camera is touted as the best smartphone camera in the world right now for its clarity and low light performance thank to its duo pixel technology. Samsung has reportedly used the modules from Sony as well as its own ISOCELL camera module.

Android authority has reported that the U.S. and Chinese market where the phone will come with the snapdragon 820 will also come with a Sony sensor and the other markets with the Exynos 8890 will come with the Samsung made ISOCELL camera module.Samsung-Galaxy-S7-camera-sensor-AIDA64-Sony-ISOCELL-840x745

Last year, when the images that were taken from the Galaxy S6 using the Sony, as well as ISOCELL camera module, were kept side by side, the picture from the Sony sensor stood out for its superiority in colour and definition. This isn’t to say that the other picture was bad. It was better than what most other high-end smartphone camera could capture.

Yet we have reason to believe that the pictures taken from the both version of the Galaxy S7 will produce stellar results something that even the iPhone 6s plus would struggle to match. But why would Samsung so such a thing?

Well, the main culprit seems to be the supply chain constraints. It wouldn’t be possible to procure cameras from a single source given the number of Galaxy S7 that will be sold initially. So Samsung had to split the supply between itself and Sony to meet the usual high demand for the devices.

Still they remain one of the best cameras in the smartphone photography world.