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Samsung Electronics Gets Foldable LCD And OLED Display Patent for TV and/or Tablet

Samsung Electronics LCD and OLED display

Samsung Electronics has finally been awarded a new patent for a flexible display for a foldable TV or tablet. This was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office today and one of the most remarkable aspects of the patent is that the South Korean giant can flex both its OLED and LCD displays.

It looks as if Samsung has finally come up with a new and innovative way to create the next great display that could help the company compete more closely with Apple Inc.

Now the flexible OLED display panel by Samsung can be embodied as a large scale television or even the size of an iPad. If configured with a circuit board placed on the outside of the flexible display panel it can be easily bent along with the flexible display panel.

Moreover Samsung has a number of flexible and foldable display patents but the company has been quite slow in bringing them out to the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also one of the devices by Samsung that has a flexible display but it has faced production problems and flagging sales.

On the other hand Apple also uses flexible display for its Apple Watch but now Apple has its eye on next generation applications.

There is a certain iPhone patent that has been making rounds and has been rumored to have a flexible display layer and a foldable body.

Well the curved Galaxy S6 has done much better than the Galaxy S5 but is highly unlikely that a foldable tablet or a bendy LCD TV will succeed where the Galaxy S6 Edge has failed.

However this doesn’t mean that the South Korean giant will stop its focus on R&D efforts to produce the next generation display.