Samsung which is in deep trouble with its phone not selling in anticipated numbers, is much happy to supply the phone components such as memory chips and displays to the Chinese smartphone maker xaomi. Xaomi’s strategy has always been to product high end devices with the lowest prices that it can offer and the strategy remains the same for the laptop that will be powered by Linux.

The rumoured laptop will be similar to the apple’s MacBook pro with the fraction of cost at the sub 500 usd range. For this to happen, xaomi has to procure the required components at the lowest prices and who can do it better than Samsung. Samsung already provides memory chips, display and battery units for xaomi to use in its smartphones and now xaomi wants to use this relation in lowering the cost of the required components. Samsung will provide the display unit, battery, memory modules and camera module for the rumoured laptop. To lower the price, xaomi has decided to use the Linux operating system which is usually free. My opinion is to use the free version of windows 10 that Microsoft allows manufacturers to use in their devices which is called as windows 10 with Bing.

Whatever may be the case, expect to see the15.4 inch laptop in q1 of 2016. The third largest smartphone maker intends to become a value for money pc maker.

xaomi making a laptop