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Samsung Creates the World’s First Blu-Ray UHD Player


Samsung introduces what it calls the worlds most advanced Blu-ray player that can play 4k and HDR videos for the first time. The tech behemoth has released the details for a UHD player with a model number ubd-k8500.

All the fancy television sets that are available today have UHD resolution otherwise called as ultra-high definition resolution. But the important point to note is that even though the TV’s are brilliant, they are troubled by the lack of content. The streaming services have their content in either 720p or 1080p resolution. But rarely do streaming services provide UHD content with a resolution of 3840×2160. But that hasn’t stopped Samsung from introducing this cutting edge device.

The design of the player is slightly curved mimicking its curved UHD TV. Samsung says that the UHD player supports 4k streaming and will display high dynamic range picture quality that will produce rich colours on the screen. That UHD player can produce 64 time better colour expression that of a normal Blu-ray player and also support the hdmi 2.0a connectivity. This UHD player has been announced as a part of the IFA 2015 in berlin. The UHD player which supports Blu-ray UHD play back from the discs will be available in Europe followed by other countries at a later date.

Samsung will release a software update for its TVs that will acquire the ability to work with the said UHD player.