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Note 7 With A 6.0-inch Display Spotted

gsmarena-003-1jpg1464895396Is Samsung preparing a variant of the Note 7 that will sport a 6 inch super AMOLED display? Well, the stories from around the world say that’s definitely the case. An import/export tracking website in India has spotted that Samsung has shipped a 6.0-inch display phone into the country for testing and quality assurance purposes. Could this be the Note 7 pro or any other variant?

The model number associated with the phone is SM-N930R4. The regular Note 7 has the number SM-N930 attached to it. This indicates that the shipped device is from the Note family but will be slightly different from the regular Note 7.

The regular phone will come with a 5.8-inch display and will have the curves on both sides by default. It is very likely that Samsung might also be testing a flat screened device that has 6.0-inch screen size with QHD resolution as a variant.

Sam mobile points that this could be an error on zauba part and the shipped device could still be the regular Note 7.

Whatever might be the case, Samsung is set to introduce the phone on august 2nd and we will then know for sure.6-inch-galaxy-note-7-720x36