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New Galaxy Note 8 renders leaked

New Galaxy Note 8 renders leakedBoth of the upcoming devices from Apple and Samsung are having a battle of leaks these days. As their release date and official reveal comes closer each and every day, more and more we hear about them.

During the past few weeks, the Galaxy Note 8 had many leaks. Some of them were hitting the device’s design, while some of them suggested its specification. This Monday, we received another render from the Galaxy Note 8. The render was tweeted by the Slickwraps CEO Jonathan Endicott, saying that they are working hard on the Note 8.

The render doesn’t have too much detail on it, but it shows up the most feared think that we were afraid that the Note 8 will have. It is about the fingerprint sensor, it is most possibly going to be on the back side of the device, right next to the cameras. Many users that own the Galaxy S8, are giving negative feedbacks about the location of the fingerprint sensor. The reason is because it is a bit struggle to reach it without moving your palm, because the device is a bit large. Now, considering the fact that the Note 8 will be even larger than the Galaxy S8, if the location of the fingerprint sensor remains on the same place, many users won’t find this usable and will be disappointed.

The image is still only a rumor, as the device is not yet officially confirmed or unveiled by Samsung. The device is set to be revealed in late August this year.