The release of the Galaxy S6 is just around the corner. People have been waiting for this phone for about a year now. This phone has created enough hype in the last year that people are ready to believe anything that is related to the Galaxy S6.

In the last few months, there have been countless leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S6. If one wanted to count all the rumors, they won’t be able to count them all. Rumors about every aspect of the Galaxy S6 have surfaced.


If one sums up all these rumors, we will get a phone that is one of its kind and has the latest specs that you could imagine. To sum all this up, a video has been released that tells what the phone might look like.

In the video, you would see a metal framed Galaxy S6 along with the option of expandable storage. Apart from that, you would see a glass back that is quite prominent. The resolution is shown to be 2,560 x 1,440 along with pixel density of 587 ppi. Along with that, there is a 16MP rear camera coupled with 5MP front camera.