Samsung has built a device that is very similar to the Moto Hint but does more than the device ever could. The Gear IconX is one of a kind device from Samsung that looks like a pair of wireless earbuds but has everything that one could wish for. Well, almost.

The truly wireless earbuds cost $200 and have all the features expected of wireless earbuds and a fitness tracker.

The best part of the whole concept is that both the earbuds are independent of each other. It connects to your phone to be able to track the fitness parameters and play music. But Samsung has also built the device with 4GB of internal storage that can store up to 1000 songs. It comes with a pill shaped box that charges the earbuds as well as transfers data. The box can charge the device for two times before needing a recharge itself. hence the truly wireless angle.

Samsung says that the device plugs into the ears but also has the ability to measures heart rate, count the calories burnt and steps taken by syncing with the s-health app on a Samsung phone.

By far, my biggest concern is the battery life of the device. it is impossible to fit in a bigger battery along with the speakers and the logic board without making the device look bulky. The rated battery life is one and a half hours for listening music through your phone and three hours if you use the device as standalone.

These devices automatically switch on when placed inside an ear. For the input, Samsung has built the outer area as touch interface that can measure a tap, hold, double tap and triple tap for various inputs commands.

What do you think about these beauties?