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Galaxy S7 to Sport a New Camera for Virtual Reality


The iPhones have been recently released but the rumours have been pointing to a specific phone that is to come in the near future. I.e. the Samsung’s galaxy S7. The rumoured device will reportedly have a dual camera setup that is similar to the camera on the HTC one m8. The second camera will be used for depth sensing. Let us understand it clearly and in detail.

Samsung is betting big on the virtual reality tech. it has already touted virtual reality as the next big thing in tech industry besides the wearable technology. It has supported its previous devices such as the note 4 and galaxy s6 with virtual reality tech and supported gear VR headset that provides the virtual reality experience.

the second camera on the top is the new depth sensing camera

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“The latest specification leak for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S7 mobile phone, suggests the device may house a depth-sensing camera, which could be used to provide a form of Gear VR positional tracking.”

The previous devices have been good to the VR experience but there was a specific problem that prevented it from greatness. Its lack of ability to track position. It is essential for the immersion of the virtual reality and without which the user experiences nausea.

Although it is an important part of Samsung’s strategy, the gear VR still lacks content. But the potential that it offers is huge. Imagine the level of excitement you would feel when playing a game on virtual reality or viewing movies with cinematic experience. All that is set to become a reality with the launch of galaxy S7 which will reportedly have a brilliant 2k screen combined with powerful hardware that has never seen before.

The gear VR is also set to have its newest version where you won’t have to put in your phone as it features its own pair of amoled screens. The galaxy S7 is turning out to be quiet an interesting device.